We told you it was coming, and now it’s here— the Transistor giveaway! We’ve got games n’ goodies and other neat shit to decorate your laptop case while you’re cruisin’ on the subway. Let’s lay down the goods and keep it easy.

  • FIRST PRIZE: Your very own copy of TransistorBut not just a copy of the game— we’ll give you the fancy version, complete with the official soundtrack. While you’re at it, pick out two of those pin sets up there, shipped directly from Fangamer.net. Don’t see two you like? Drop us a line— there’s a ton of other options.
  • SECOND PRIZE: Ever get a chance to play Supergiant’s first big game hit, Bastion? Well, now you can! Already own it? No problem— you can choose either Guacamelee or Antichamber instead, and a pin set of your very own. 
  • THIRD PRIZE: Your choice of either FEZ* or MONACO*, because the only thing better than 3D puzzles is whacking pixels in the face. (*Please note: these two games will be available via Steam through Humble Bundle gift links— read more about what those are here!)
  • RUNNER-UP: You get a hella rad pin set. Look at them pins. So shiny. So beautiful.

That’s all the neat stuff. Now we get to the boring-as-hell stuff, but you gotta have dem rules.

  • All games are only playable through Steam. If you’re worried about some games not being available for your PC (i.e. if you have Mac or Linux), look up the Steam store page beforehand and see what they’ve got for you.
  • Button sets can only be shipped to the US— sorry, folks. You’re free to accept any and all games you win, though.
  • Likes and reblogs both count— that’s a chance of two entries for everyone. As two entries are the max amount, people found reblogging to sideblogs and giveaway blogs to duck around this rule will be disqualified. We’re not looking to get notes, we’re just trying to give you fun shit.
  • Ya gotta be a grown-up in order for us to mail you stuff. It’s the law. We don’t mess with the law.

The giveaway will officially close July 1st at 12 a.m. MT. Have fun. Stay classy.